Monday, December 10, 2012

Fingers crossed......

My doctor called and changed my meds the same day I posted the LAST post. He put me on a prescription strength stomach acid pill called Protonics 40 MG PLUS Pepcid AC. I take the generic Protonics but nonetheless, my belly seems to be settling down somewhat (knock on wood). They lowered my blood thinner also so maybe the bleeding was an will help put a halt to the bleeding. It seems, I spit the blood up on Wednesdays so we will see what this Wednesday brings. My husband, Pat, thinks I have a sore or ulcer in my lower throat that has been irritated enough to bleed. Both times it has happened after eating so maybe he is on to something.

I had the best weekend. Friday afternoon was my Christmas party at work and we all traveled to Richard's Farm in Casey for a nice meal. Saturday morning I cleaned some and moved furniture as the girls/husbands and boyfriends came to put up my tree. By the time they arrived with a breakfast casserole to put in the oven, I was pooped. I didn't help much. Then, I met my sisters, brother, their spouses, and my mom at The Holiday for an ornament exchange and lunch. I was too tired for church so Pat and I went to 8 a.m. Mass on Sunday. We then decided to eat breakfast at The Holiday.

Something odd happened as Pat and I were finishing our meal. A man in his late 60's early 70's stopped at out table,smiled at me and said "You are just beautiful!"....I kinda fidgeted and said thank you. It was like he had a message for me as he knew I had that "Are you nuts" look on my face. He looked into my eyes and said "Mam, you are truly beautiful the way you look. I want you to know that." I smiled this time and said thank you in a more appreciative tone. He was by himself so I wonder if his wife didn't have cancer. I was wig-less that day. I even went to church bald....that is a first.

His comments made me tear up although I tried to hide it from Pat. As Father Jerry nice comment can make someone's day.... do something for someone this Christmas Season to make someone's Christmas a little brighter.

We spent the rest of the day with our oldest grandchild, McKenna, at our house. She adores Pat, so he gets most of the attention. After taking her through the park/Christmas lights, we ate supper with Leslie and Rhett, and then returned home. I was in bed by 7:30.

Back to work today and all is calm. Let's keep our fingers crossed...or better yet, say a small prayer for me to continue with good health into the new year and even after.

I will keep you posted if the bleeding starts again, otherwise, it's a closed case!;-)

I hope God keeps you all safe this Holiday Season!! Do or say something for a stranger as someone did for me on Sunday. It will not only make that person feel special but hopefully it will touch your heart for being so giving. Something so BIG that costs so little!!




  1. Patty how great a strangers words can be. I try to say something nice or least flash a smile in someones way throughout my day. I have been reading and following your post. My mom that was diagnosed in November, I am reading to her some of your posts. Needless to say they are inspiring. Keep up the positive attitude and I pray for a Christ filled CHRISTmas season for you and your family. Many Blessing to you....


  2. Larissa~
    Thanks for reading my blog to your mom....I willpray for her because anyone with CC NEEDS extra prayers every single day. Merry Christmas to you and yours. If you lived closer, I'd come give you and your momma a BIG hug!! Patty

  3. And Gladly we would return it to you!!!!!!!!! Maybe your visit to Anderson in January will permit us to be there at the same time and we can exchange that hug :) Many Blessings Patty for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!

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