Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still on a bumpy road....

Well, chemo came and went yesterday but I have still been having episodes of small amounts of spitting up blood (it is blood mixed with spit...not blood from like you would see drawn from your arm) and some clots (the largest the size of a quarter or so) but most are dime sized. My chemo dr in Effingham thinks it could be the Lovenox but Neupogen (builds my white count after chemo) also thins blood so I am at a crossroads.  Dr. Goswami has agreed at this point to let Dr. Dy manage my blood level/Anti XA tests.  Dr. Goswami's nurse wonders if I should see an ear,nose,and throat dr to see WHERE the blood is coming from (scope time). I TOTALLY agree. Maybe it is NOT the drugs but a sore or something worse in my throat. Not knowing is sometimes the worst medicine of all!! I did have a puss pocket at the back of my throat so he put me on antibiotics to stop whatever might be starting. I feel pretty good today which is normal as he loads me up with some steroids when I get the chemo....it also leads to bad sleep for about two days. The bad part is I take a Neupogen shot the day before Christmas and the day after....they are the shots that have flu like symtoms and fever. So, Pat and I are going to try something new and take the shot in the late afternoon so maybe the side effect will happen while I am sleeping and I will wake up feeling not so bad. It's worth a try.
Christmas is at our house again this year and we are cooking the famous prime rib. Oh so good!!! I am debating Chinet plates for
lunch....is that bad of me or what? The girls do the dishes anyway so I do not know why I worry about it. It gives them more time to sit down with Pat and I (and whoever else might be there that particular year) before running off to the next house.
I still have a few sets of cards to sell....you could buy them for next year???  Come on....help me out here....it's all for a good cause! Most of the money goes for our local Walk and Roll Relay for Life and a small amount goes to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation which is a site for my type of cancer. Lots of info on side effects, clinical trials, people also struggling with this silent disease, and just a lifesaver if you have just been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma.
I will keep you updated on the blood issue but I think I might bring in Dr. Houston to see what HE thinks of a scope down the food pipe to see if they can locate the problem.
I am sure I will post before Christmas but have a Blessed Season and enjoy your family/friends.....life changes so fast sometimes.

God Bless~~

HUGSand Prayers!!

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  1. Well Patty you are going to rock this....keep your head up girl, GOD is great and always ahead of us in this plan we call life....i hope to meet you when in Huston if your up to it...mom had started losing her hair...personally she is having a hard time with it, she is a hairdresser so i guess hard for her to deal with it...we are here at md anderson for her second chemo treatment.