Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grateful To Be Stable

After our trip to New Orleans, Natchez, Mississippi, San Antonio and Houston, Texas.....I received this e-mail from Debbie. It was so nice I just had to share it. Hope it's ok, Debbie.

"She is clothed in strength  and dignity, and  she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25
When I first saw this verse, Patty came to mind. So fitting. But  never in my wildest imagination did I know "how fitting" it was! We started our trip on Saturday, January 5. She wasn't feeling the best due to a head and chest cold, but on we went. We stayed in a Plantation Bed and Breakfast and enjoyed it. Next up New Orleans, LA. Pat was, by that time, not feeling well, but they persevered, and we saw the sights of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. I can tell you it didn't impress any of us! We left LA and arrived in Houston, Texas in the evening of Tuesday, January 8. The whole time preceding why we took this trip/vacation never showed in expressions, moods, body language,etc. Same beautiful Patty that has always been! We stayed at the Rotary House, which is connected to MD Anderson. Amazing Hotel! From the moment you walk in you are surrounded by people of all walks of life that have cancer. You can't stay there if you aren't going to MD Anderson. It is a beautiful place with peaceful gardens, a quiet room, an amazing lobby, and she was even able to get her blood work done there. Wednesday morning we went with her to get her scan. I asked her if she was nervous. In true form, she always puts me at ease, and tells me "It is what it is, and God will take care of me!" Bill and I were not prepared for the number of people we saw, that all had cancer, that all have families, that all want a cure or a longer life. We were only in a small portion of one building of this gigantic hospital. The magnitude of this disease is overwhelming! I went into her appointment with Dr. Javle the next morning. When I heard "stable" tears stung my eyes! Thank You God and Great Doctors! Patty has changed my life in so many ways. And not just since she has gotten cancer. But since her diagnosis I do pray differently. I don't thank God for every"thing" in my life. I thank God for every"one" in my life. Things don't matter to me anymore. Yes, I thank Him for a roof over my head, but, if one of my grandkids breaks one of my great-grandmother's crystal wine glasses, who cares. I have them to hold and treasure. We are now in San Antonio close to the River Walk. We are winding up our final day. Bill and I have been blessed to have this experience. We are blessed to have Patty and Pat. Her story is far from over, she still has a story to tell. I for one have learned so much! She has changed me in ways I cannot describe, and I will pass it on also! I Love You Patty!!!!!"

On another note, I will get chemo this coming Monday, February 21st. I am also seeing the best cardiologist in Springfield tomorrow in Effingham for a checkup.

Tomorrow will be the second birthday I have lived through since I found out I have cancer (unless I die tonight).
I thank The Great Physician above for every single moment here on this earth. I thank Him for my great physicians that I have on board to keep everything running half way smooth with only a bump here or there.
I missed seeing/meeting a cholangiocarcinoma patient while in Texas and I am saddened by this. There are not THAT many of us so when you miss the chance  to meet and talk to another person with CCA, it kinda tugs at your heart strings.

I will be back in Houston in April so maybe we can meet up then!!

May you all have a blessed day and enjoy the warm weather we are about to experience. I can truly say I never realized how GREAT God is until I was diagnosed. isn't all bad that I got this disease.


  1. Thank you for sharing the email from Deb.In so many ways it expresses many of the things that I have learned from you, Patty. Also I know that you have changed me in ways that I am sure I do not even realize.

  2. Patty, what a wonderful trip it seems you had, such wonderful news, I believe it takes GOD to bless these doctors brains and hands in order to do the work of our GOD. I pray nightly, daily, while driving in my car for my moms healing as well as pray for a sweet Patty which I know GOD connected me with and now my mom with. You are an inspiration and a wonderful example of what having FAITH is all about. Have a wonderful blessed birthday, you sure deserve it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! My thoughts and prayers are always with you!

  4. Patti, I hope you had a good Birthday...Keeping you in my prayers...And yes having a disease makes a person appreciate the little things...Please take care.