Thursday, January 10, 2013

I feel so very happy...

I think there was a song that was sung by Julie Andrews and she sang.....I'm so very happy...but I feel very blessed today to report my cancer is still stable and no change from October. YEAH and THANK the good LORD!! Dr. Javle would like for me to see a gastoenterologist surgeon in Springfield as the blood I was spitting up is probably caused by esophogeal varisces. Basically, my portal vein is getting sqeezed so tight by the tumor, it is causing bundles of something close to varicose veins. They will go in and band the varicose veins off to stop the bleeding. I an not and have not bled close to a month but he said one bad bleed could kll me so lets get it fixed. I will also go on a low blood pressure pill to lower my blood pressure....the constriction of the hepatic portal vein is causing higher blood pressure so he wants it closely monitered. My BP was 112/72 today but he wants it lower than that.
Kidney function, liver function, and bloodwork all seemed good for a cancer patient. I am still fighting the cold a bit but it it much better and no fever for days.

We are now in San Antonio and will venture out this evening and Pat and Bill wil go to the Alamo tomorrow while Deb and I shop a bit.

God has answered the prayer so many of you have prayed for me and I thank you all. The chemo is such a knee dropper, I just wasn't sure it was doing the trick anymore. Shame on me for doubting.

Keep up the prayers as I feel them all. We should start for home on Saturday morning. I have chemo Monday when we get back. I am blessed with each new sunrise and I thank God daily for all of you!!

Please pray also for my mom as she is at RMH with pneumonia. She should be home in a day or so.

Gonna go venture.......Hugs to you all!!!