Sunday, January 6, 2013

What a ride so far......

Well.....this trip along with Pat, Bill & Debbie Weiler has not went as planned so far. I woke up Friday morning with a 103.3 fever/chills/cough. Called in sick to work and stayed in bed all day except to drink an Ensure and other things to make my belly not be so upset from all the meds I was taking. Dr. Houston was out sick with the flu (bless his heart) so I begged my oncologist to just give me an antibiotic since I was leaving Saturday morning for Natchez, Mississippi. He put me on Leviquin for 7 days and I am also taking Alka Selzer Plus for the cough and head congestion. I have to keep taking the Alka Selzer Plus to keep my fever at bay or it spikes back up. Today was day 3 of the antibiotics and even though I feel better...I think it is the good old flu. Pat went to bed Saturday night shivering and coughing and he had caught what I had. Bill & Deb have had the flu shot so I hope they are the lucky ones and do not get it from us. Pat is still in bed shivering Sunday evening and coughing something aweful from down deep.

We had our car serviced last week and our engine overheated two hours from Natchez......the antifreeze lid was not tight and all the fluid leaked about having a coronary!!!! It was getting to be about 4:30 and I was worried about being in the middle of nowhere......
In Natchez, we stayed in the neatest bed & breakfast called The Glenfield Plantation. Built appr. in 1812. So nastalgic, so well kept but comfortable. The owner was telling Bill, Pat, and I about a ghost in the house and then Deb came from taking a shower and said she saw a ghost trying to take her bath towel as she was taking a shower.....she told the ghost to leave it there, she wasn't done with it yet. I think she's nuts!!! Deb didn't hear the lady tell the story about a ghost in the house so it was almost believable......almost. Anyway, it was a neat and worthwhile experience as we had never stayed in a bed and breakfast.

Sunday morning about 10 (today) we left for New Orleans and ate at the neatest brewery and restuarant where everything on the menu is made from scratch. We are staying at The Hilton Garden Inn tonight and tomorrow night before moving on to Houston, Texas for my CT scan and visit with Dr. Javle. We plan to see the French Quarter tomorrow and maybe shop a bit.....Pat might stay in bed all day. Keep you posted about Thursday night if possible when we get to San Antonio for a couple of days.

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