Monday, February 25, 2013

Back on track....

I have had a heck of a month which explains why I haven't posted in awhile. After my last treatment three weeks ago, I got the full fledged vomiting/scoots/and terrible stomach ache for about 5-6 days....then I woke up after I thought it had ended (this is the beginning of week 2) with a slight sore throat and just a funny feeling in my chest. So, at 8:05 am, I call Dr.Houston's office (still in my jammies with first cup of coffee in hand) and they ask if I can be there at 8:30. We are about 8 minutes from his office on a good day, so I jumped up, got dressed, forgot fluffy and out the door I went. It usually wouldn't be such a big deal to get there but I knew the good doc was getting ready to leave for vacation. After getting some med scripts filled, I went home to rest....and rest some more. The next Monday came (chemo day) and I was feeling about 85% normal for a dying person, so I was kinda sure I'd get my chemo. NOPE!  White cells were way too low and he sent me on my way and scheduled me for today (a week later). All my numbers were WAY up from white cells to platelets to hemoglobin. So, I got my poison administered and was on my way home about 1. we just got unhooked from the needles, Neimerg's brought in two fruit pies and two coconut cream we decided to stay and have a piece of pie. A lady who worked at Neimergs had her husband get chemo from Crossroads in Effingham and she every once in awhile shows up with fresh pies. This lady is paying it forward!! I will thank God tonight (in my silent time after going to bed) for her kindness and ask him to bless her!!
I have been going to bed around 7, just to lay there and have that extra time to talk to God, really think about what I pray for, give thanks for, and praise Him for this life so far. Then I might shed a few tears to think I might not see all of those grand moments a parent or grandparent should get to see or to travel the world since my husband retired almost two years ago.....and something stopped me last night as I laid there feeling that pity and something inside my head are NOT dying yet so STOP the pity party (That would be Jenn with her tough love speaking to me :-) ...or was it God?  It occurred to me I do not have an expiration date stamped on the bottom of my feet, so I will give thanks every day I am able to breathe that cool crisp air.....sip on my latte (being babied by my husband) and eating Chessman cookies. I give thanks for every day I can still go to work, to eat lunch with my grandchildren, to finally get that mother's dress bought for Leslie's wedding. God is giving me the strength to live and I have faith he will give me many more days before I turn to dust.
I give many thanks to God that when I sit at Mass and listen to Fr. Jerry, that I get it.....I FINALLY GET IT! I always end with thanking God for being there on this journey with me.
WHEW......I will stop for now.

Italian Beef Sandwich with a side of chips and pepperoncini for $6.00 is THIS Thursday at
The Gypsy. The snow should be over by then and roads are clear. No excuses to NOT come out and support our Relay for Life team. We have to-go containers if you want to call ahead. Starts at 4:30 to 7:30.  If you can't come, we take donations :-)   We are also having a Thirty One Party later in March but we might have a few books at The Italian Beef night just in case you want to browse or order from it.

God Bless each and every one of you and take time for some silence in your life.

Pay it Forward~~



  1. Pay it forward is what you do with your words for others to read the thoughts that are being expressed, and that one moment, when I read something you have written and say " YOU GO GIRL", the strength you have is unbelievable.You You are able to write true. It certainly helps ME to read your blog; I worry about a stranger that I feel connected to :) A prayer for you daily! You write what I bet my mom feels sometimes, helps me to understand :) Blessings Patty, everyday of YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Larissa....I feel like I know you and would love to just hug your momma a hundred minutes before letting go. Cancer is a hard journey and when it is such a rare's even harder because they get way less money to find a cure. If I can help one person...maybe two or three...have a smile on a bad day, God has his hand on that moment.It ALL starts with him in my life. We have just got to see each other the next time I am in Houston!! HUGS!! Patty

    1. As I know we both would love to hug your neck as well.... Inspiration is what I use with your name when I tell people about you and your journey and ours :)

  3. Patty,
    You are so human and we are blessed by that. Our fears come out once in awhile and we need to face them and get it out of our systems. I cry all the time and once in awhile I'll have a real good one and am good for awhile longer but I still can't not have the fears - I can't seem to completely let go of them - so I'll keep praying for yours and mine too! We both love our God and know that our Heavenly Home will be so much better than this one but it's not easy letting go of "here and now". I pray for you constantly and hope you find your peace.
    Love you so much girl. Keep on hanging on. God's got your back.

  4. Once again you are my inspiration. Thank you.

  5. You are inspirational! I am friends with Leslie and Rhett. I just read some of your post. You are an amazing woman....and strong. I will be Praying for you. Keep thriving!