Friday, March 8, 2013

Cards....Cards...Everybody Get Your Cards!!

First off, thanks to all who attended our Italian Beef Fundraiser!!  My apologies to the family who drove over an hour only to find out we had just ran out. My apologies to EVERYONE who came only to find out we were sold out!!  We were sold out in two hours!!  I owe the hugest apology (a year overdue) for not thanking my sister, Sarah, every day for a month as she cooked and prepared all the meat by herself last year. What an undertaking!!  So, this year, I took off 2 days to prepare the meat, cook it, and get everything to The Gypsy (I even had help from Jennifer, my mom, and my sister, Sarah) and it took me until Monday morning to catch up with sleep and the exhaustion it took from me.....then I had chemo on Monday! I have recuperated and am now ready to sell the spring cards!! We have sold about 50 sets in a week and I only have 50 more sets to sell. IF you wanted cards, e-mail or Facebook me and we will get them to you in the next few days!!  People say they are better than the Christmas ones, and I tend to agree.

We have a Thirty One fundraiser this Saturday at Jenn's house so come have a cup of hot spiced cranberry tea and a muffin or two. The cards will be there also to buy. We made A LOT of money with this fundraiser last year as a very generous person gave our Relay for Life team ALL of her commission off of the party!! Come browse and see Bart and Jenn's are free :) We could also give a nature tour as their wooded paths are beautiful!

I am SO SO SO ready for Spring. I have two purple crocuses that start to pop open, then shut. One warm day and that is all it will take! 

My chemo day last week went well....the nurse got the vein on the first stick....sometimes it takes two to three nurses prodding under the skin to find a good spot that doesn't blow the vein. For being such a mean spirited young (young....who am I kidding!!) adult, I sure am a delicate flower when it comes to this cancer. My blood issues, my delicate veins, my trouble sleeping, and lately my low white count, which allows me to easily catch colds... BUT, it is okay. I am not afraid.

I bought a new wig for Leslie's to come when it gets here. I also have my dress for the wedding.

I am a little disappointed we will not have a booth and raise more money for our Relay team this year. Since Leslie's wedding is that day, it will just have to be. You can only ask people to donate so much! BUT....if any of you who need some tax donations, remember we accept checks made out the The American Cancer Society and The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. 

On Thursday, I traveled to Springfield to see Dr. Ali who will be sticking a scope down my throat. I was spitting up some blood but it hasn't happened in over two months. But I still would like him to take a look down there. Pray for all the sick people struggling out there.....I feel blessed right now for the calmness in my cancer life. The procedure on Monday is an outpatient procedure and I have to be there at 11 a.m. to check in. I will be asleep for the procedure....YEAH! It COULD be the bleeding was just from irritation from the rough chemo I am on OR it could be the varisces. Varisces have the potential to be very dangerous, and I am ready to put it to rest and find out what is going on.

I thank God for my girls all having jobs they absolutely LOVE! It is a worry I had when I got the news of this cancer. I now know they will be ok. They all have amazing partners whom I adore. I thank God alot for the in-laws who my children love as "family". And I ask God that they will "be there" if something does ever happen to me. They will always have Pat and their step sister/brother but with the best in-laws, it just means A LOT!

When I was waiting on the doctor to come into the room yesterday, as he entered, he said "WOW....WOW" and I asked him what he meant. He said he has only seen one other person (who was a man) that was as in as good of shape with this type of cancer. He told me he was very surprised when he walked in. I owe it all to God and the many prayer warriors out there who are so encouraging to me. I was at Ophelia's this morning and the ladies prayer group was there that I just adore. I had to give them a quick hello and talk a bit. They inspire me  to be a better person. They just give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

I have permission from Ophelia's to sell my cards there, so they should be there in the morning. 

As Easter comes upon us....please take time to think, to give thanks, for silence to praise Him and make sure to pray for ALL the sick and less fortunate.

HUGS to you ALL!!

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  1. Patty--shame on you for making me cry. I would do anything for you as well as for the rest of my family to help in any way I can..I don't have the obstacles to overcome like you do. You have been the strong one with all you have had to overcome and the unknown you have to face--your strength is my weakness. I should have been the baby of the family. Thank you for always being you and remember I Love You!