Monday, March 11, 2013

Endoscopy Results

Mom had an endoscopy today in Springfield to look for any esophageal verices that might have been causing her bleeding. No varices were found. No portal hypertension gastronomy. No major arteriovenous malformations.She does have a sliding hernia, which the nurse says many women have and don't know about. It isn't causing any issues and isn't likely to.

A few arteriovenous malformations (tiny blood vessels) were found and cauterized, but Dr. Ali seems very unconcerned with them. He said he doesn't usually cauterize them, but thought he would take care of them while he was in the surgery. There is no need for another endoscopy. Everything looks great.

Mom's hoping to be out of recovery soon. Then we're on our way to get a bite to eat. Yay for outpatient surgeries and no overnight stays at St. John's!

Braeda and Mom with baby Carter Scherer at our Thirty-One fundraiser for
 Relay for Life and The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

Written/Posted by Jenn.


  1. Yeah! Now Patty can sleep in her own bed tonight. So glad for the good reports.

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