Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Inner Workings of Suntone Beach Survivors

After a few questions from a good friend about how much of the proceeds generated by our Relay for Life team, Suntone Beach Survivors, are donated, I thought it might be a good idea to address the way we plan and execute our fundraisers to generate maximum profits.

This year, Mom painted Christmas and Spring cards, which we had printed by a local print shop. Each set of cards was sold in a bag with a sticker. All bags were donated by Mom. All stickers were donated and printed by my husband's law office. The only cost we have wrapped into the cards is the printing and envelope cost. Mom (with help from us, Debbie, her sisters, etc.) folds, sorts, and bags each set of cards, so we do not pay the print shop to do that. 70% of the cost of the cards is profit, which is put into the big pot to be divvied up in May. The remaining cost of the cards supports a locally-owned small business. 

Our Italian Beef Night was held at The Gypsy two weeks ago. The Gypsy does not charge us anything to host our event. Chris Foust, Joe Hunt, and U.S.A. Signs donated the banner which was hung outside The Gypsy and advertised the event. We also advertise on Facebook and the Olney Daily Mail and 92.9 Community Calendar (all of which are free). Mom and her friend, Bob, were able to get every single thing needed to make the Italian Beef donated. This includes: beef, seasoning, buns, cheese, pepperoncini peppers, chips, napkins, plates, plastic silverware, and to-go containers.The Pita Place in Olney donated three bags of beef broth. We borrowed the roaster pans to cook the Italian Beef. Mom, Aunt Sarah, and I (but mostly Mom) cooked, shredded, seasoned, and stirred the meat over the course of 26 hours. Erin Michels and Debbie Weiler volunteered behind-the-scenes at The Gypsy, making sandwiches and prepping each plate.  My sisters and I (in addition to my husband and Samantha's boyfriend, Chris Foust) tended bar and waitressed during the event. Every penny of our tips was donated. 100% of the cost of each order of Italian beef was profit. Every penny of the profits and our tips were put into the big pot to be divvied up in May.

Amy, Leslie, Kate, Samantha, and I bartending and waitressing at our 2013 Italian Beef Night

Last weekend, we hosted a Thirty-One Gifts party at my and Bart's house. A local consultant and friend, Tiffany Grove, donates 100% of her profits to our team. The food and drinks served at the party were donated by my Mom, sisters, and I. 

When May and Relay for Life roll around, we typically split the total monies raised, sending about 80% to American Cancer Society and about 20% to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. In 2012, we donated $7,991.05 to the American Cancer Society's Walk and Roll. At that event, we raised the second most money, after Richland Memorial Hospital ($9,950.03). 

Chris Foust and Mom at our 2013 Italian Beef Night
We are doing a bit less fundraising this year but hope to raise about as much money as last year. 

Written/Posted by Jenn.

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