Friday, March 22, 2013

Feeling Better Already...

I have not had a cortizone shot in my shoulder for seven months. It was hurting so bad, I couldn't sleep at night. So late this afternoon, I went to Vincennes to Dr. Chartier, a great pain specialist who injected my shoulder again. I should see relief with 3-5 days but I think he has already made it feel better. Dr. Chartier is such a kind, gentle man who just really tries to minimize the pain he causes his patients....he is very good at his job!! I have not had to take anything for the pain since he gave me the injection. I felt so good afterwards, Pat and I went to catch a movie. It was SO nice to spend some quality time with Pat and he was happy for the free refills on the popcorn!
I have been fighting the start of a cold again but I give myself a Neupogen shot tomorrow to help build my white cells so with it and the Alka Seltzer cough and cold meds I am taking, I hope to kick it fast this time. I feel pretty normal.
All of our cards are sold so I apologize if you didn't get a set. I have three sets to deliver and those people know who they are. Now....I am going to paint just to paint and enjoy NOT having a deadline like the Easter/Spring cards.

I am gearing up for the Houston trip the 10th and 11th....then Easter at Jenn's with the little ones hunting eggs. I just can't wait for them to see ALL those eggs I have to fill IF I can keep out of the candy!!
Leslie and Rhett are counting down the days to their wedding on May 18th. With four flower girls and little Kinnick as the ring bearer.... how could it not be the cutest thing ever!! We are getting all of the flowers locally from Sam Benson at Ivy's Cottage....supporting our local merchants!!! And does he do a great job or what?!  We are giving him pretty much free range in what flowers he picks but they are all going to be yellow on black linen tablecloths.

As we were driving to Vincennes today and I had the jitters as I thought the last injection was a killer, I told myself to suck it up....after all, I have cancer....isn't that worse than one lil old shot? I closed my eyes, prayed to God, and when I opened my eyes, it all seemed ok. And IT WAS!!  Like a walk in the park. So as I close this blog tonight, all I can add is God is Good ALL THE TIME! He is there....all the time. And I thank him ALL the time as I would be lost without the feeling of knowing He is right beside me. It's the best feeling in the world and I am so glad this 48-year old cancer patient is filled to the brim with Faith is filled!

May you ALL have a Blessed Easter and a Happy Spring!!



  1. You are so right Patty; God IS good all the time! Hoping your shoulder is feeling better soon. I can sympathize with not sleeping because of shoulder pain.
    Amy brought me my cards and I LOVE them! They are beautiful - thank you!
    Wishing you a safe and fruitful trip, Easter, and wedding. I know each will be special for you.

  2. Once again you have lifted my spirits. Thank you