Thursday, April 11, 2013

This morning is "the waiting time"

I left for St. Louis (Pat and I) on Tuesday night after the election closed and spent the night there before flying to Texas on Wednesday. I arrived at MD Anderson a couple hours early to meet Judy Collins who is also a CC patient. We surprised her while she was there getting chemo in the Mays building (if you've never been to MD Anderson....there are several large high rise buildings that are all intertwined/a part of MD Anderson). We visited for about an hour and a half and had a wonderful time with her, her sister, and her daughter Larissa. When Judy was diagnosed, Larissa was on the computer finding out all she could about the disease and came upon my name and this blog. I believe she was guided to this blog and I hope I can help them/answer questions/share ideas that other people have no idea about.

Then, I had blood work at 12:30 and a break until about 1:50 (which gave Pat time to eat some lunch). Then to the CAT scan area in the Main building (different building). We were there till about 4. I had the biggest honking needle I have ever seen so far put into me for the contrast. I thank the good Lord they gave me someone who hit the vein on the first try. WHEW!! was a thick needle!
So...after getting to our hotel, we had complimentary chips, nacho cheese, chili, beer, raspberry tea...soda's..all free so we ate that and skipped leaving for supper. It was beautiful when we landed in Houston but when we came out after the CAT scan, it was drizzly and miserable with the temp dropping atleast 20 degrees!! I didn't bring a coat....I thought Tx would be warm!!  What the heck!!
It is now Thursday morning (I slept like a baby last night) and we went for the free breakfast and am just...waiting....waiting...waiting for the visit with Dr. Javle. He will discuss the results and if we need to change the plans up a little depending on the status of the tumor and if it has spread. It is just a waiting game. My feet have been swelling in the last 3 days and I am a little (OK....ALOT worried) concerned a bit about that. I know I have walked is warmer...but something tells me it is a little more than that. It is all in God's hands today. I have always said that and I truly believe he has kept me so healthy for a reason.....
I would like everyone who reads this particular blog to pray for a young lady named Lauren Kunklier. She lives in Ohio and just had some liver surgery done. She is having some problems and needs the extra prayers RIGHT NOW! I fully believe she will beat CC but it's going to be a fight for her and prayers from Illinois can NEVER be a bad thing!! 

 I am usually very quiet and don't visit a lot with other patients. Yesterday was different. I talked to several. One from from Florida who's son just got back from Iraq and she gets to see him for the first time this weekend.  ALL walks of life...all types of cancer...everyone with a different story.

I see Dr. Javle at 10:30 so pray for me and ask God to grant me good health for a little longer or to cure my cancer with the right drug, clinical trial, or a miracle from God. There isn't a magical answer with my cancer. NO easy cancer cure....not even close to one...only God can save me from this disease. I thank him atleast 2 X a day for my health and giving me more time....each extra month, each extra day, each extra minute on this earth. I truly believe I couldn't be here today without God there each step of the way.

It's about time to go wait for the shuttle to MD Anderson....I will probably not post until I get back home as you have to pay for internet at the airport and I refuse to do that!! 

(Our plane ride was not fun due to the storms that came your way....I pray for a smooth flight on the way home later today).

HUGS, HUGS, and more HUGS!!


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  1. I can not say enough how wonderful you are and what your strength means to those us. It was so amazing to finally meet and my mom just loved you. We are big talkers if you and Pat didn't catch that :) Can not miss a second i think...hehe i pray that your results are what you need and want. Miracles happen, if we didn't believe in them what kind of Christians would we be. Hugs Patty from TEXAS.