Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting back to normal....or whatever you call my life.


Vacation was great but on the way home I started feeling bad with a stomach ache and I still have it occasionally. I also have had the scoots for almost two weeks. I have felt a little weak at times but kept plugging along. We returned home from vacation late Saturday night and I received chemo on Monday. It's been a busy two weeks for feeling not so well. we go again with chemo on Monday.

 I called a man from a town nearby that was just diagnosed with liver cancer. He has stage 4 cancer and given 3 months to live. I wasn't going to call but something inside told me to call. He was scared about the chemo and the diagnosis. I hope I helped him...and he said he felt better after we talked. I believe he said he was 67. God be with him and his family right now. Please say an extra prayer for any and everyone with is not an easy journey...... EVER! PERIOD!

I logged on to the MD Anderson site which is a great site where I can see Dr notes, bills, radiology/PET scan reports, appointments and so on. I noticed on my appointments that after I see Dr. Javle, I have an appointment with a radiation doctor. They told me they have already decided against proton therapy so I hope this just isn't a visit to tell me it in person and charge me $600 to tell me that! I called and double checked that I still needed to keep that appointment and they said I am anxious to see what they have to say. I will keep you posted!!

As I was looking back over my cancer markers (which are a way of telling how active my cancer is) and when I first started it was 225. At my last visit at MD Anderson, it was 26. This means the cancer is not very active right now in my body. Not a bad thing at all!! 

I have been painting recently for a couple of makes me feel good to help families or organizations raising money. The last one I painted will be auctioned tomorrow night. I hope it does ok......good luck to the Herman Family!!  God Bless little AJ and his parents!! Here is the painting I am please remember I haven't had painting classes so no critiquing my effort to be an artist!!

I will close for now....just wanted to let you know I am still chugging along....breathing in this cool crisp air....waiting for my 4th grand baby in about 5 weeks. God bless you all and make sure you tell your loved ones what they mean to you. Hugs and Blessings!!

Patty Corcoran


  1. Awesome Pat, it's beautiful, just like you.

  2. I am always so excited when I see you have a new post. You always make me laugh and sometimes cry. You are such a kind and caring person. I wish and pray for all good things for you. Take care.


  3. Beautiful!!!

    Please take care!

  4. Patty,
    I love this picture! You are selling yourself short - you are a great artist! Just checking in on your blog today so we can know how to pray for you tomorrow! We love you, Girl, and we are with you!