Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life is just too good!!

I seem to be just chugging along right now. I have been watching grandkids a lot lately, landscaped the front of Leslie & Rhett's house this week. Hottest week of the year....or so it felt!! I had lunch with The Lawrence County ERBA girls before the big heating assistance starts on Tuesday.  I plan to volunteer in the Richland County ERBA office by answering the phone on Wednesday if possible. I  get chemo on Tuesday....WOOPIE!

Jennifer, my oldest daughter, along with her husband Bart...are due in about 3 weeks. Oh, I just can't hardly wait. It's like new parents faces even change after having a baby....the joy it brings to them. Jenn will have to lock Bart out of the house just so she can hold the baby....he just loves babies. He will be such a great father, and Jenn a great momma. Please pray for an easy delivery and healthy baby.

Pat is gearing up for a hunting trip to Wyoming in about a month. The week with him gone will be nice (although, yes I will miss him) but I can stay at Jenn's and hold the baby ALL DAY if they will let me. Or babysit for another grandchild. Do whatever the day brings forth for me.

As I said, not a lot to report as far as my health. Yes, I still get chemo every two weeks like clockwork....and I might have a day I feel a little yucky....but not enough to get me down. Just a veg out kind of day. My counts are good and I just praise and thank God daily for my good health!!
I go back to Houston October 15-18.....and I again ask for prayers.

Last week at church, Father Jerry had the "Anointing of the Sick" and I, of course, go up to be anointed. After we left church, I told Pat I always feel like everyone is staring at me. He said, "Honey, they are not staring AT YOU, they are praying for you!" It was like hitting me on top of my head with a skillet. I had never looked at it like that although Father Jerry asks the crowd to pray for me.  I have been praying a lot for healing of Father Jerry as he is having a lung problem. Please pray for my priest....he has helped me so much with the words he speaks. 

On Pam Kunklier's last post, she mentioned her daughter and son in law were going to be in a Neon Vibe 5K. I googled it and it looked like so much fun. A portion of the proceeds go to a charity. I have contacted them and I am to get a live call on Monday or Tuesday to discuss having one in Olney. It is at night and it is glow in the dark color they put on you (a lot like The Color Blaze that I was in this summer) only this one is at night and they also have black lights that make the neon color even glow more and lots of loud music along the way and water guns with neon glow in the dark water. Maybe even some strobe lights. I just feel like I need to be donating time to help other people.......a lot of the proceeds from the races of The Neon Vibe goes to The Ronald McDonald Charities. I think this means the money would go to St. Louis as this is where children from our area go for medical help. And I do know more than a couple of children who go there....I will keep you all posted on this.

My class reunion is tonight. 30 years...........I have never been to one of my class reunions and I wait until I am terminally ill to go. Oh what the heck! I won't be the 110 lb, 5 foot 8 inch girl strutting the halls of ERHS that I once was....and a lot of people will probably not recognize me. I am quite heavier...still 5 foot 8 inches :-).......and of course cancer changes your looks a little. Then there are the decisions of what to wear....which wig...fluffy or fancy???? Oh, decisions... decisions!!!
I will post pics later of a few class reunion moments.

There are a few things I know for sure, no matter who I see tonight, I know myself. I know God. I know I am happy in my life. I am happy in my marriage. I don't live beyond my means. I am happy with my kids and grandchildren (and proud of all 6 of our kids). If your thinking 6???  I can't forget Kate or Tom (Pat's kids)....Kate is so great to ask if she can cook me something....empty the dishwasher...or just be company to me as Pat. I have no wants in life and I am so happy.......except for this thing called intra hepatic cholangiocarcinoma. BILE DUCT CANCER!!! Just that one little thing. But it's a BIGGIE!  I think if I wasn't so freaking happy, this cancer wouldn't hurt my heart so hard. If I didn't love my whole family and friends, it wouldn't hurt so much!! 

It has been almost 6 weeks since Pat has had a cigarette and he is slowly learning to adapt to no nicotine. He still has A-FIB but it is better. He will be's not like he doesn't have the best cardiologist at Prairie Heart Institute!! He is also learning just how far he can push his heart before he needs to slow down a bit and let the pitter patter calm down. People our age shouldn't have health problems like cancer and heart attacks....when we bought a lottery ticket...we must have bought one for The Loser Lottery instead of the Powerball Lottery!!  I don't buy lottery tickets so it must just be in the cards.

So, in closing, know I am chug~chugging along, just as Pat is also. I still ask for prayers that I remain stable....or my cancer marker drops so low, I can go off of chemo for awhile and give my organs a break from this poison. My last marker was 24.6. Preeetty good!

Hugs and much love goes out to all of you!!


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