Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feeling Blessed This Hump Day!!

Sunday, Pat and I went to Corpus Christi Catholic Church for mass. A lady came up to me and said she had pancreatic cancer and gave me her phone number. She said if we needed anything, to feel free to call her. A total stranger....paying it forward as a servant of God. How many of you would do this? I could tell she didn't feel well but she offered....she was paying it forward. God Bless her!

Monday was a usual radiation day starting at 6 am for my first treatment. We usually go back to our tin box after that and wait until it is time for the next...which has to be 6 hours in between radiation treatments.

Tuesday, I had radiation, a visit with a fill in dr for Dr. Das (the oncology radiologist), than I saw Jackie which is Dr. Javle's PA. THEN.....we drove around for an hour....Pat dumped me off at the main building so I could get my bloodwork check my Anti XA. It has to be done precisely 4 hours after I inject it in the am. Needless to was a busy day!  For the ones who do not have Facebook, I will have to tell you I was quite sassy that day and Dr. Das' assistant was singing "I feel good...and I wanna do a flash mob? They asked what that was and then they realized they knew what it was after I told them about the commercial on tv. So...I dared them to do it with me.....out in the middle of the entrance to the Radiation center.  Two of the nurses got up and also two receptionists (two were men) and went out clapping and I did the 1 and a 2 and a 3.....clapping, we started singing "I feel "you know what I mean now".....we did a silly dance....not in sync but we danced......and we had people stand up and clap for us and it put a lot of smiles on peoples faces. I didn't tape it but I sure wish I would have. It all happened so fast.....but it was great! :-)

Wednesday, I had both treaments done by 1 pm. So Pat and I had the rest of the day to relax. In between treatments, we came back to our camper and had breakfast. Pat and I walked 1.3 miles....I felt pretty good. I received a call from Shirley (the lady that lives at Kemah) and she is very concerned we are staying in a camper. I assured her it is very nice and bigger than a hotel room. It's by far not the Hyatt, but it is acceptable. She also gave me the number to a lady who lives close to MD Anderson that I called and talked to. She invited us to stay with her and her husband any time we are in Houston. We are also going to the Catholic Church they belong to called Holy Ghost Catholic Church. They asked us for brunch after the 10 am Mass.  Then..Sunday, we are also meeting up with Deb and Bruce Schonert for pizza.  We are so blessed with people here in Houston lending a hand to make our stay a little better and maybe pass the time a little quicker. God is sending many people our way and I praise and give Him thanks!

So, as I sit here....I have had 10 treatments and no side effects yet. I have had a couple of lil' stabs where the tumor is...I can only hope it is angry and it starts to shrink or die! In 13 days, I will receive 39 Gy's of radiation (1.5 per day). The place they are blasting/cooking is smaller, therefore, it needs less Gy's. Last April/May, I received 50 Gy's in 26 days (1.8 per day). So, I am receiving a little bit of a smaller dose than before, and hopefully that is why I have not had any side effects. So, I have 16 treatments left....each passing day I give thanks and praise to God for keeping me this healthy.....I am ever so thankful to Him!

Yes, God is with me no matter where I am. In Texas....He is there...right beside me.

I'll update over the weekend or the first of next week.



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  1. Patty, I was reading up on your journey and just had question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. I look forward to the update and God bless.