Saturday, November 2, 2013

My first two days of radiation are done.....

Well......we are down 2 treatments per day (4 total) plus blood is a back and forth trip from our tin box to MD Anderson. I am a little red where they have radiated but all in all I feel great. On day two before my second treatment, Pat and I decided to walk around the lake on the campground we are staying at. We walked about 2 miles altogether and then at treatment I was all of the sudden...WIPED OUT!  The technician at MD Anderson said "NO! NO! NO!...we do not want you doing that!! REST! REST! REST! more walking for me....But I have felt so good so far.

Saturday we drove to Galveston Bay where we met Rylan's (my son in law) Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jackie from Olney. They were staying with a cousin and invited us for brunch. Boy did they ever....there was more to eat than what I have had in some time. A beautiful spread of coffee cake, fruits, bagels and strawberry cream cheese, eggs, bacon, juice, coffee....all served overlooking Galveston Bay from her kitchen table. When I say 'Her" I guess I should explain I was invited to a lady's house whom I had never met. Her name is Shirley Patterson and it didn't take long to find out she was a sister to Don Murray from Olney. She is related to my sister in law Sheila Kermicle Stoltz (distant but still blood related). She was the most eloquent, loving, and ever so pleasant of a person I have met in a long time. The kind of person that just calms a person's soul.  That does not even describe her well enough....I just left her house at 5:30 (yes, we were just going for brunch :-)   but I left with a calmness in my soul that just felt so wonderful. She was sent to me...this I am sure of. We will see Shirley again as we brought some Claremont chowder and she loves it so we will take some for her to enjoy. Her house is beyond beautiful and it is just so welcoming. What a gem!!

So, next week brings 10 sessions of (radiation)cooking the tumor  (2 per day with atleast 6 hours between them), blood work on 2 separate days, 3 doctor visits,  ummm...I think that about sums it up. I also take Xeloda pills (chemo) morning and evening. Let's pray for few to no side effects such as nausea or low blood counts that could halt the radiation a few days. Let's pray I do not get so red that blisters start to form on the small area they are radiating. I also pray for strength and that I still have some at the end of the week. I thank God for all my friends and family back home praying for me....and to Amy (Curry) Sherman who is running in the NY Marathon tomorrow. May you run safe and swiftly in that little tiny body of yours!! Hugs to you for running in honor of Skippy Bishop and "moi" honored to be picked as you run your heart out for us!! Bear Hugs!!

Peace be with you all!!

Patty Corcoran

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