Saturday, December 7, 2013

Floating along..............

I have been so daggone busy since coming home from Texas. From babysitting for grandchildren, to visiting cancer patients, playing in the snow, shopping at Nordstrom's in St. Louis with Samantha, cleaning, building fires with a latte in one hand and the TV turner in the is good.

I am NOT happy I am losing my general physician, Dr. Houston, but I also know every person has a journey and I hope he and his wife have a wonderful time on theirs!! Thanks for everything, Doc!!

My Christmas tree is not up yet......and I am threatening the girls if they don't come help put the 15 foot tree's not going up!  I can decorate it but I cannot put the four pieces is just TOO darn heavy.

As I sit here right now by this warm fire, I just give thanks and praise to Him. To be in this good of a spot in my life with cancer....I consider myself very blessed! My last daughter just got engaged on her plans look like a wedding in August. Then there is Amy and Rylan, who announced a new baby will arrive in May. WOW!  I feel blessed to be apart of all of the celebrations of life.    LIFE.  LIFE!! 

So.....before you go asking God for everything you can think should always thank him for all the blessings he has had a hand in giving to you and yours. You might not always understand why God gave you this or that (like cancer) but everything happens for a reason....and sometimes it may not be what we want. All I can say is learn from it and make the best of it. Count the apples in the basket...not the ones that fell out. I can sit here and say this because I do have cancer...and I am not curable UNLESS God keeps me on this journey until they come up with a cure or long term medical plan that keeps CC patients alive a lot longer. But I will be telling my story to anyone who is having problems with their cancer seems God has put me in this place for a reason. I have had private meetings with different people with a diagnosis, and they say I help them. God has kept me alive now for 34 months on the CC journey and I believe it is to help people see the vision I see.

I have a cancer friend who is really going through a rough time right now. He is at MD Anderson and I am really worried and praying hard for him. I ask all of you to pray for Travis and his wife as they gets results from a scan on Monday.

I will share of few pics from our photo shoot today! Kudos to Lisa Steber Cummins for taking our pictures!!

Pat told me if I pulled on the branch....I was walking home. So...since he dared me...I couldn't resist!!!!

I just love the favorite time of the year....wait, I like every season!!

He again said...Yip, you're walking!! I said fine as we only lived about an 1/8th of a mile away!! He's a softie....but I wouldn't have him any other way!!

You can see how high the snow is packed on the roof....and the icicles add a nice touch on our house!!

You can just barely see our house off of the highway. Sure is pretty in the woods!!

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  1. Gives me happy chills to read this. Such blessings! Yay, Life!