Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A small detour in labwork.....

I was back in Effingham today for a follow up with Dr. Dy. My labs last week compared to today  were 
Dec. 17              Dec 23
373                     313
138                     152
57                         98

So, the alk phos is a bit better but the other two (which are of more concern right now) are a bit higher. So, I will go back on Levoquin for 10 days and see if this kicks the infection (presumably in the gall bladder) to the curb. Dr. Dy has two other patients with the exact same thing going on right now that are CC patients of his.   IF I go back on Dec.30 and my labwork is worse, Dr. Dy and Dr. Javle have decided it is time for me to fast track it to Texas. I will possibly see a surgeon to 1. Either remove the Gallbladder or 2. Put in a drain of some sort (I have a problem with 2 because I am on blood thinners and I just don't think that sounds like a good option).  

To say I am a little bummed is an understatement. It makes me SO appreciate how blessed I have been to go 13 months with NO treatment.....to take MANY vacations in the past year, be as active as a "normal" person on most days, have 5 grandchildren CURRENTLY with room to grow. I am beyond blessed in MY life.

May you all have a Merry Christmas!! 

Love and Peace,

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