Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sitting tight for now......

As many of you know, I had a follow up visit with my Dr in Effingham today to re-check my liver enzyme levels. They are coming down....enough that Dr. Dy thinks I am out of the woods (and can detour going to MD Anderson until February for my scheduled visit).  I have two more days of antibiotics and after that, I will just keep taking a pill 2 X day to calm down my gallbladder/inflammation.

My white count along with my platelets  had went down on my previous visit but they were back up even better than before. Well within normal range....Thanks Be To God!!

My Dr wants to see me back in two weeks. Honestly, my belly still feels awkward/tender. BUT, I have to trust my doctor and give thanks to God for turning these numbers in the right direction. Now, we will continue to pray they keep going down, down, DOWN!

Thank you all for the many texts, calls, Facebook messages.......they really do mean a lot!

Let's pray for continued decline in my liver enzymes and that God keeps making my curvy roads straight!    God is Good ALL the Time....ALL the time, God is GOOD~~~

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!!


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