Friday, February 6, 2015

A pretty good fundraiser!!

Wednesday of this week, we had our first Italian Beef Fundraiser at The Gypsy in Olney. Even though there was a little snow.....we had over 90 carry outs and made more tips this year so as always, anyone who came or got carry outs, was very generous!! THANK YOU ALL WHO ATTENDED!!
We plan to have a second Italian Beef at the V.F.W. the last week of April on Friday night. Keep it penciled on your calendar please!!

I have furiously been drawing and now painting the 18 pages in my new book. The front and back cover are painted. I only have almost 5 pages but since we are leaving Sunday for Texas and won't return until Tuesday evening, I can hopefully tackle it as soon as I get back and get them to the printers. Jenn, my oldest daughter, after reading the story and looking at my drawings, stated this was way better than the last book!  I tend to agree with her. Stay tuned for updates.

So, we fly out Sunday around 4:30 and get into Hobby at about 6:30. Moh, our driver will pick us up and we will stay at The Rotary House which has a walkway to MD Anderson. I will get my blood work done at The Rotary House on Sunday evening. This means I don't have to go to labs at 6:30 on Monday morning. My scan is set for appr. 9:30 and we should be done for the day by 11:30.  I see Dr. Javle at 9 am Tuesday.  Our driver picks us up at 11 and we fly out at 1:30. It's all like clockwork and I pray I come out of there with good news.  All of us CC patients who have had radiation TWICE/chemo all know you feel those glitches, pulls, a small pain here or there...and wonder, "What was that all about?" But I just have to march in there like a soldier and know that no matter what, God is right beside me and Through Him, ALL things are possible!

I ask for prayers that my report is a good one! And I ask for daily prayers for a cure for ALL cancers! You just have no idea about what it can do to a body completely until you go through it. If YOU are reading my blog, you mean something to me. Some of you I may have never met, but I have learned you can love a friend without ever meeting them! So, thanks for checking in and reading my blog...which is, BTW, over 112,000 hits now. Around Feb 21, it is my 4 year anniversary date for having this monster. 4 YEARS! God is Good ALL the Time....ALL the time, God is GOOD!!


Patty Corcoran


  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us. Love ya

  2. Congratulations on raising a successful and charitable event, Patty! I'm glad you found comfort in supporters you've never even met before. It just goes to show how many people your story has reached for inspiration, both strangers and friends alike. At any rate, here's to more successful fundraisers! Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Norman Watkins @ eBay Giving Works