Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just a Small Curve Ahead....

It was a lengthy visit with Dr. Javle.  My tumor in the liver is stable...the nodules that were of a concern in the last scan pretty much resolved on their own. Everything looks good.....EXCEPT a small lymph node between the liver and the aorta/heart.  It is lighting up so he thinks instead of waiting for it to get any larger...or go elsewhere that NOW is the time to get that little monster child taken care of. He is looking at a couple of clinical trials and will call me in 2-3 days with a game plan. He is leaning toward a pill form clinical trial and will also take my case to the tumor board to see if another dr has a better suggestion. Dr. Javle is VERY confident we can take care of this.....it might mean staying in Houston a month and seeing him once a week....then I would have to go to Houston once a month. It's still in the air but I will keep you updated. It's not great news but I am calm and God's got this. It's gonna be just fine~~  I will update later as I know more. Gotta go
catch my flight!!



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