Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Time to Shake Things Up!!

As I posted on Facebook yesterday, there was no drumroll.....but it wasn't as bad as it sounded and maybe it sounded a little worse than it was (and I had NO intentions of making it sound that bad).
My bloodwork looks pretty fantastic and my CA 19-9 is at 5.7.  My scan on the other hand showed a little growth with the aortocaval lymph node that got me started on the BGJ 398 trial at MD Anderson. It is pretty famous for just starting to fade as far as efficacy after about 8 months....AND, I was no exception.

Dr. Javle came in and stated he went back to the CT when I started the trial and compared it to the one take this week. There was more growth than he thought and just thinks we need to try something different. The node is currently about 2 cm.

I have to be off the trial pill I was on for one month before we decide the best plan of action that fits my treatment/mutations....there's just some thought and research that goes into the process.

We drove to Hope, Arkansas last night and am getting ready to get back on the road. I will post more from home as I am on open Wi-Fi and I don't like doing this.

Things are ok.......even the radiologist I spoke with said my cancer is so slow growing....we have a little more cushion time so don't panic on me, my friends!!  This fat lady is not done singing!!!

I have not seen my last sunrise or sunset.......It's like a game of chess....time to move the pieces around and reposition them so I have the upper hand and not this cancer!

There is NO NEW Cancer......I want you to get that straight. It is just growing enough to concern the drs. So,,,,we will STILL March.....and march some more.

Italian Beef Night Fundraiser is this Friday night from 4-8 (October 23, 2015). Carryouts are available and just call the Olney VFW to place your order OR just show up and we will fix you up real quick so you can eat at home or at the football game.. That's where it will be held along with desserts. It is one of our main Relay for Life fundraisers so please try and make it. Since it starts at have time before the game to come grab a bite!  Hope to see you there!!

Thanks for all the prayers and I truly believe everything happens for a reason.....hopefully I will feel as good with the next treatment plan as I have had with this trial. One day last week, I felt so good I walked 6 believe's not over yet!!

Hugs and God Bless~~


  1. Hi Patty,

    Just want to say thank you for your posts. My mother was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 gallbladder cancer that has travelled to the nearby lymph nodes. Dr Javle (looking him up online is how I found your blog) is her Oncologist and has put her on chemo starting next week. She spent a week at MD Anderson getting a stint out in a bile duct and has to come back every 60 days to get it replaced.

    I showed her your blog and she decided that she wanted to start one herself. She's still learning the ropes on how to post, but would love to hear from you if you have a couple minutes to comment.