Sunday, February 28, 2016

And I Will March!

   Tomorrow at 10:30....I will start my third week of treatment of IMRT. By the end of this week, I will physically have a clue probably how my body is going to react. Being "cooked" is hard on your body. And although they are aiming for one lymph node, it is somewhat close to the duodenum and could cause some nausea or diarrhea. People sometimes start to get fatigued. But, until those symptoms rear their ugly head like a dragon....I will march on!
   I have to tell you about our weekend. We went down to Harlingen to visit Ron Hancock at his new home. We went to a flea market......we went to Padre Island although it was a little cloudy and breezy. Walking up and down the beach never gets old to me. That evening, we all went to a senior fundraiser at the gated community Ron's house is in.  These people might be 55 and older but let me tell you, they are sharp as a tack! I was excited as they had raffles, casino games (no money gambling but you got chips and then turned them in for raffle tickets and prizes were drawn at the end of the night). I was so excited ALL DAY about the BINGO (I have no life) at lunch, we were sitting in George Jones' (used to live in Olney) favorite place to sit and eat in Texas (according to Ron Hancock) and I just yelled "BINGO!"   Yip.....LOUD.   We got some stares and I just smiled like I didn't know who just yelled that!
   That evening, when we started playing BINGO, I got a Bingo on the second game. I won $1,000 in chips! the evening progressed, some elderly ladies came in and they claimed...."It's been so long since we've played Bingo...I might have forgot" I said......."it's easy!"    And all of a sudden I yelled "BINGO!"   L.O.U.D.!!! and proceeded to tell the lady that's what you do!     The lady next to me had to go change her pants I think. I thought it was super funny.....her.....not so much!  Let's just say I might be dying but I still have a little spunk in this body!  HMPH~~
   I have a lot of spunk actually and am feeling pretty good. As I sit here listening to 60 Minutes in the background.....and Pat snoring in the bedroom, I smile.  I smile because I am happy. I feel loved. I might not have a lot of money but I have God, family, friends, and LOVE.
   I am going to keep this post I just wanted to update that I am still doing well. I saw my oncologist, my radiation oncologist, my nutritionist, ummmm did I leave anyone out?  I am so grateful for my health team. I'll be adding an endocrinologist dr soon as Dr. Javle would like to do a bone density scan. I have had lower back pain (which I have had since about 7th or 8th grade) and some right hip pain occasionally. I, of course, made sure he wasn't suspecting cancer and he assured me it was because I have had three separate cookings of radiation and we just need to make sure I am not getting the onset of osteoporosis. If I am, I will pop a new pill probably.  It's too early for the what if's, but if my bones ARE becoming brittle, I am thankful my doctor is on top of it!!

   As I close, I will leave you with a piece of scripture that a friend sent to me a few weeks back.
"In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."

God is HERE all the time......ALL the time, God is HERE! HE is all around us~~

Keep you posted in a week on my health status.

God Bless~~

Patty Corcoran...........#BINGO!

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