Friday, December 30, 2016

On the move soon!

I have been accepted into the clinical trial INCB054828  (you can punch that in on and find out more about it if you just really are bored). It is for the FGFR mutation which I have.This means insurance has approved for me to be in it but I still have to pass some bloodwork, EKG, vision test, physical, and a scan unless they use the one from about 2 weeks ago. 

We have rented a "park model" at a sister site to the one we have stayed at before. It was already full. This RV park is about 10 minutes farther away from MD Anderson and so we just have to get there sometime in the next 5-7 days and see if I pass all of their qualifications.

I am ready to get on something and kill those cancer cells that are dancing around in there.  I wanted to update everyone very quickly and we will keep you posted from Houston.

I feel good about this trial. I pray to our Lord that good things are ahead for me. I am thankful for everyday on this earth BUT I sure would like to take my grandkids swimming this summer, speak at The Cholangiocarcinoma Conference, just living each day to its fullest is a blessing. Thank you God!!!

Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Love and Hugs!!
Patty Corcoran


  1. You are an inspiration!!
    May every cancerous cell be cast out and replaced with a good one. May every spot of this deadly cell be wiped out by God's powerful hands.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you Patty. Enjoy a bit of warmer weather in Houston! There has to be some side benefits to the trip in addition to zappng all the cancer cells. Ken