Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year.....New Plan!

My last dose of chemo or any treatment that I have had for this demon of a cancer was Nov. 10. I can tell my cancer cells are having one heck of a party in my belly so I truly am excited to get started on something to stop this cancer from growing anymore. I knew at two months that the chemo was not working so that is when we got the scan and then waited for my appointments in Houston.

I kept my appointment for MD Anderson on Jan 12 &13. Dr. Javle talked about another chemo option which I flat turned down and then there were two clinical trials for my FGFR2 mutation. One was full and who knows when there would be an opening, so we chose the clinical trial listed on my last post. I am too tired to get up and go look. :-)

This clinical drug is a phase 1/2 meaning they have already figured out the safest dose and it is some similar to the BGJ398 trial I was on for 8 months. BUT, this time there are no lowering phosphate drugs to go along with every meal, just the clinical trial drug you take once a day. You take the drug for two weeks, and then you get a week off.....then it starts all over again.  We will be down here for a bit as they keep a close eye on you and check your blood levels every week and see a dr.

Our address for now is Southlake RV Resort, 13701 Hycohen Road, Houston, Texas  77047

Pat and I have been walking 1 1/2 miles a day but today I was so pooped from being at MDA most of the day and then a trip to the supermarket to get a few more things at the store. I get my first dose of the trial drug on January 10 (Tuesday) and will be at MD Anderson for 8 hours for monitoring.

It has been awhile since I have had any treatment and looking at my labs, it's pretty angry inside my belly. I have faith that I will continue on this Journey with God right beside me. I had a day I was pretty down and when I went to bed, I sobbed a bit. Then, I dreamed I was in a cemetery wondering all over hunting for my tombstone (a little morbid...I know)....and I came upon one that made me was a rock and it had HOPE carved into it. The dream made me wake up about that time and I just thanked God for that nudge to keep going. I am not ready to stop marching yet!!
I still have HOPE. To me, to have hope means you have faith...when you have faith, you have HOPE!   They just go hand in hand with our great Father.

So, as I start this new trial tomorrow, I ask for prayers that it will stop the cancer cells in their tracks. There are SO many new drugs/immunotherapies for mutations coming out and 2017 looks very promising.

Thanks for checking in and may God be right beside you every second of every day!!

Hugs and God Bless!!
Patty Corcoran


  1. May the Lord bless you hold on to hope.


  3. Hi Patty,

    It is great to read your last post...just wish I had read it while we were still in Houston! I reached out to you in September/October and it was so sweet of you to reply. I did try to call you once, but unfortunately missed you. I thought about you while we were there, and wish I had voiced my thoughts out loud...who knows? Perhaps we could've been in the same place at the same time! My husband and I just got home last night from MD Anderson, where we saw Dr. Meric and Dr. Javle. I would still love to talk with you at some point, because your journey so closely mirrors my husband's...same diagnosis, mutations, etc. He has just come off the TAS-120 study, and we are looking at what is next. This journey isn't for sissies, huh? Your words evoke such a desire to FIGHT in your fighter spirit, but mostly your complete trust and faith to believe God is holding this AND you in His hands. Praying now for you as you begin a new study, and that you will have many more days to speak at a conference or take those grand babies swimming, or whatever else you have on your list to do!
    I am on Facebook as Renee Cook Manuel if you want to private message me your number...I would very much love to talk to you when you feel like it!
    Blessings in Him,