Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Almost a week after chemo......

I thought I would update since my second chemo treatment (after the blood clots). No sign of new clots....no swelling anyway. I did have a few nose bleeds a couple of mornings in a row but I think my Lovenox shots (blood thinner) needs to be reduced a little due to weight loss. I have been tired this round and I totally expected that from the previous treatments....maybe even a little more so this time.
You know....I have talked to several people who have either had chemo or are doing it right now and have several side effects that I am not experiencing. I am so thankful for that!  BUT most of them have a curable type of cancer and my chance of that is slim without the help of the good Lord! So every time someone says they are praying for me or their church has me on their prayer list, I tear up because I know in my heart that GOD is the only person that can save me from this dreaded monster! SO... please keep praying!
I lost my Bible this past time I went to chemo. I hunted in the house, I hunted in the car, and thought..hmmmm...musta left it at Crossroads Cancer Center when I got my treatment. The daggone devil hid it in my trunk! I was looking for something else and opened up the trunk of the car and there it was!! I had other books related to cancer/God at home to read but NOT the Bible! I wanted to curse at the devil for leaving it out in the heat of my trunk for almost a week (not to mention I wanted to start reading Romans) BUT instead I thanked God for showing me where it was!
So, I have been a little (ok...alot) teary eyed this week due to Amy having two baby showers over the weekend and just even the mere thought of maybe not being around to see all of my grandchildren grow old. I tell myself that is the devil inside my head but I also know it may be a reality I have to face. I will continue to pray for a cure for this dreaded cancer I have. My cancer is so rare that it is about 1% that goes to research to find a cure for it(from the American Cancer Society). The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation does more research/outreach than anyone else worldwide.
I am happy a friend from Texas is coming home soon and am looking forward to visiting with her.
I pray for many families out there going through tragedies in their lives (like the McDowells and Shyrocks) but hope for speedy recoveries. I pray to God daily to take away the sins of the earth, to heal the sick, and everlasting peace.

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