Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chemo AGAIN tomorrow....

I used to look forward to my chemo but it seems lately I dread it due to the 5-6 days afterwards where I am so tired. It is usually mid afternooon when I really notice I need to lay down and rest. I think this could be a long term plan for the next year so I should just be thanking God there is a treatment to stop my tumor growth and start shrinking it! How's that for positive thinking and ALOT of faith that God will shrink my tumor.
MMy rash from the Tarceva pill I take daily has made my rash appear although since the doctors at MD Anderson changed the antibiotics/cream for the rash, it is definately more bearable. My belly burns but I have also read that is a side effect of this pretty $4,000 a month pill!!
Chemo is tomorrow and Amy is going along to keep me company. I ordered three books today to help with nutrition. I have got to learn the right foods and then also a way to keep my weight where it is. I have been hitting the antique store on South Whittle Avenue for lots of fresh veggies.
That's about it......just wanted to let everyone know I am doing fine!!

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