Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On vacation in North Carolina

Our clan reached the Outer Banks on Saturday and have had wonderful weather so far. We have managed to go through two tent awnings due to wind so I will shop today until we purchase another tent awning to keep me in the shade. OR I could just go shopping everyday :~}
We saw about 25 dolphins the first day pretty close to shore just playing and swimming about. The waves are huge and forceful so I have not even been in the water. That's ok.....shade is my dr's orders due to medicines.
Our trip includes all five daughters (between Pat & I) and husbands/boyfriends/and Bill & Debbie Weiler. Bill & Pat drove over a 2 day period to get here and Debbie, Leslie, Rhett, McKenna & I flew. Everyone else also drove besides Bart who flew in a day late due to a "bachelors party canoe trip."
This is our "Eating Out....Kind of dress up night where Pat & I pick up the tab. It's kind of a thank you to all of our children for coming on this vacation with us and spending a week exclusively with us. Pat and I have taken them on vacation almost every year since we have been married (10 years).
I should be getting chemo today but with Dr. Dy's approval, we are scheduling it for next week. It will also give my blood time to rebuild even a little more than the usual two week schedule. I am feeling great....still no pain from my tumor, no nausea/scoots/or any other ugly side effects from my chemo or Tarceva pill that I take daily. Only the tiredness that lasts almost a week (5-6 days) afterwards.

I thank God that I am able to come on this trip as healthy as I am, that we all can be together and really appreciate each moment like never before. I praise God daily for my health, family, friends, and good drs. I also ask Him daily to guide the medical research teams to find a cure/new treatments for not only cancer, but also all the many diseases that have affected my friends and family. As I look out over this beautiful ocean this morning, I know there are alot of people who have it way worse than I have. I pray that they may have the strength and faith to recover and live a full life. I thank God for each good day I by one. Every good day is one less bad day when you have cancer. I know it can change at any moment and it is in God's hands. I am totally comfortable with that. I know God will guide and direct me each minute of the day....and I praise Him for that!!
Happy Hump Day to my family & friends!!

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  1. You are amazing, patty! Glad you are having a good time! God bless!