Friday, February 24, 2012

Live Like You Were Dying......

Monday was a holiday for me so I decided to call some of "The Beach Girls" to see what trouble could "find us" for the day. We(4 of us) met at 8 am sharp at my house and off we went.......wasn't sure where we were first it was Salem, Illinois but we ended up in Ft. Branch, Indiana. We started out at a cute little country shoppe in Lawrenceville called Frye's Country Gifts. It has been there for YEARS but one of the girls had never been there. From there, we started toward Route 50 when I saw a fire about a mile down a country road.  Just like a farmer, I thought we should check it out. It was an old house or barn that was a "controlled burn". We drove by like nosy old women do.....verrrryyy slowly. Then turned around and as we came upon the fire again, I stopped, rolled down my window, motioned for one of the men to come over to my car......I said...Sir, you boys need any help here?....he replied..."I think we got it under control"...(me) "OK...just checking". It was one of those "you just had to be there" moments and the girls with me were about to die from laughing so hard. We went on to Vincennes where we found my mom shopping a bit. We mosied on to Ft. Branch and spent way too much $. Then back to Applebee's for a late lunch. Then on the way home, after bragging all day about the V-8 in my Buick Lucierne, decided to give the girls a taste of the speed under the 110 mph. The car goes to 140 but hey, just because I am dying doesn't mean I want to scare everybody else to death (my attempt at humor). My car just glided like it was on air. One lady said her car would be shaking like an old unbalanced  washing machine!! LMAO!
We had the best time that day....or I did. Since we didn't make it to the beach last summer, this day was kind of a make-up day........when my tumor is gone, I will go back to the beach. It was a great day so thanks to my beach friends!!
I have had treatments for the past two Tuesdays but have not been sleeping well. So the dr lowered my steroid from 8 mg to 4 mg and I felt like a bus ran over me since then. I am upping the steroid back to 8 mg next Tuesday. Give me drugs to sleep but I also need energy to keep my tank from running empty! After my treatment next Tuesday, I will have two weeks off and will be flying to Houston to see Dr. Javle. This is about the time I get weepy and pray 50 times harder that my tumor has not spread not grown. Usually when I get on a plane, it is for a vacation......believe me, I don't call this a vacation. Pat & Jenn (who are the ones going with me this time) know I am quiet, don't want to do a lot but read and pray. It is a stressful time until I hear the words necrosis or no spreading to lymph nodes or anywhere else. So, as I close today, I am telling myself I will have a good weekend and try to let the next couple of weeks before Houston fly by like a whirlwind. God Bless~

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