Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good lab results......

Well.....all the sitting around...sleeping....eating red meat....praying....praying more...and then some more...has definately paid off. Although my labwork is not perfect, it is up and rising from last week. Last week~platelets were 71,000. My oncologist was afraid they would plummit even more after my last treatment. That is why I really refrained from doing anything more than going to church Saturday evening. So, today, I waited in the lab until the results were back and the platelets are up to 114,000. It is still not "within range" but it will be two weeks before I start the 3 weeks in a row of chemo (and this headache starts all over again). That's just it....I have had a slight headache and it is the first sign I had when I got the brain bleed. It was a severe headache and so far this one is not....
So.....I will wait for the Anti XA results (which determines my blood clotting factor) and see if my blood is still on the thin side. It takes about two days to get these results back as the blood is sent off to be tested. IF it is still too thin, I will back off even more of my Lovenox shots.
I have had NEW angels in my life this week. One is Reenie Cummins who is my ex-husbands cousin. Her father was a doctor in Massachusetts and he has a son who is also a dr. To make a long story short, there is a neurosurgeon, gastroenterologist, and an oncologist (about to marry into the Cummins family) all in Massachusetts. Then her sister's husband had a liver transplant as Massachusetts General Hospital (known to be one of the best hospitals in the US). So, I feel she has been sent my way to maybe connect me with someone willing to take a closer look at my "monster". It's alot to take in but please pray this is the minute I have been praying for.
There is a new lady at RMH registering people and she was my second "angel" today. Usually I get a young girl who just wants to register me and move me on.....well this lady who just started part time is an A+ in my book! She made me feel welcome and I even gave her my blog address. She is definately a good addition to RMH! I just felt as if she was "sent" to me today when I needed a positive force before my labwork.
As of today, my blog has had 29,473 "hits" in one year. That is crazy to me. So I hope each person who has peeped at my blog, or check it frequently to check up on my health says a prayer each time for me to be healed. Or to find a dr willing to take this monster out of my body!!
As I close, I ask each of you to just LOOK.....LISTEN.....to the beauty God has put in front of us. As I held a grandbaby Sunday night, watching those big snowdrops fall, I teared up from just watching God's beauty. I asked for a nice beautiful snow atleast once this winter and it finally got here on Sunday. After all of my girls left that night, I stood outside just to LISTEN to the sounds of the snow hitting the ground.......these are things alot of people take for granted. 
I ask for prayers, thoughts, and more prayers as I head to Houston on Tuesday evening. No matter what, God is right beside me and that is the best feeling I have ever had. No one can take that from me~ Amen!!
P.S. As you can see, I believe in Angels and that God sends them our way to keep us grounded in our faith when we need it most!!
Hugs & Prayers,

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