Monday, March 5, 2012

Rest and Renew

The past week has been rougher than usual for Mom. The large drop in her platelets dramatically affects her energy level. She worked a couple half-days after Tuesday, but mostly rested all week. Compounding her tiredness, Mom's Anti-Xa test was higher than preferred, so Dr. Goswami dropped her Lovenox dosage again. Mom can tell her blood is much thinner than usual, since when she gives herself her Lovenox injections, the injection site bleeds; something that is definitely not typical. 

Mom will have a CBC tomorrow to check her platelets. Hopefully they're on their way back up. If not, she will likely get her first transfusion of platelets tomorrow. She'll also have her Anti-Xa tested to be sure her blood is clotting better. 

By Saturday morning, Mom was feeling more like herself. The girls and I fixed lasagna last night. It is refreshing to have all of us together, and I know Mom enjoys it. A big thanks to Mimi for making dinner for Mom and Pat on Friday evening, and for the awesome cheesecake last night.

Please pray for Mom's continued strength of mind and body. The roller-coaster that is chemo/cancer is so rough on her. And the most intimidating journey is to Houston to get the results of the PET Scan. Please pray that the results are good and that her cancer remains stable. 

Thank you so much for your prayers thus far. Without them, God only knows where she would be. :)

Written/Posted by Jenn.

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